Idocrase stone

Idocrase stone is an extraordinary natural green stone. it was found in the lava of the volcano, after which it was named in 1796. This gemstone relates to complex silicates, calcium, iron and magnesium. Occurs in nature olive, brown, gray, red and brown minerals. His painting, he was due to iron impurities. The most common in Africa, Canada, Pakistan, the Urals, Italy, Norway, etc. Idocrase Stone has a natural natural color. Its synonyms - Glass Agate, California and others.

Properties of idocrase

An idocrase properties allow its use in folk medicine, mineral has a positive effect on the cardio - vascular and nervous system. It normalizes the heart rate, blood pressure, can cure the arrhythmia. If you have frequent headaches, impaired vision, you just need idocrase.

People with thyroid disease also need help healing properties idocrase. If you frequently suffer from migraines, be sure to wear earrings with inserts made of idocrase. It has a number of mineral and magical properties. Idocrase miraculously makes life comfortable and organic, brings harmony and tranquility. Green creates a feeling of coolness, will help to focus thought and attention. He will remove from liquid plots, cleanse the aura of negative external effects.

Idocrase loves order and cleanliness, it teaches and its owner. Stone is able to change not only the master's house, and he himself will do better, more attractive. The mineral helps in love, media stone waiting for good luck and success. Athletes necessarily achieve high achievements.

Idocrase or vesuvianite widely used in jewelry. His bounding the steps, square or rectangular shape. And as a small inserts in the decoration, use brown transparent stones. Idocrase suitable for everybody, but especially recommended to wear it Aries, Sagittarius and Virgo. Architects, writers, designers and other creative people are especially in need of his help.

This mineral was named akik sungai dareh as its lava stone was found in Indonesia In the literature, there are also other names of this stone and its variants: false jade, jade California, volcanic beryl, American jade idokraz Pakistani jade, emerald Vilyusky, Vila, glass agate, California. Idocrase is calcium silicate and aluminum. The crystals of this mineral usually have a pyramidal or prismatic shape and there are columnar crystals. The crystals appear as if they are made ​​from a variety of geometric shapes, which are fused with each other and become one large crystal. Mineral usually has a green color different colors: yellow-green, emerald green, bottle green, swampy green. The most known deposits are in countries such as Pakistan, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Norway and Indonesia.

Medicinal properties

It is believed that the healing properties of idocrase a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and central nervous system. This mineral helps its owner to strengthen the nerves and to normalize the psyche. Also, the stone should be worn for those who have thyroid problems. Idocrase beneficially affects both benign and malignant tumors. It is useful to wear a stone in the form of earrings and women who suffer from chronic headaches.

Magical properties

Idocrase loves to create around itself and its owner warmth and comfort. He will awaken even the most lowly human desire to tidy up your home:-stick wallpaper, hang new curtains, etc. The stone will help you see a beautiful, even in minor little things, put on his master's design talent and creative energy. However idocrase can not stand the dirt and disorder. The owner of this batu akik mineral, even if it's a bachelor, will begin to experience cravings for cleaning your home.

Magical properties idocrase can affect not only the home of its owner, but also to the owner. It will encourage women to care for their figure, he will give them the courage to give up the sweet and start jogging in the morning, awaken the desire to be always stylishly dressed and beautifully made ​​up.

For reasons of beauty stone will also take care of bad habits of its owner, to help him quit smoking, if necessary. It is believed that the stone is suitable for everybody signs of the zodiac. It was particularly pleased with the people who are born under the signs of Aries, Sagittarius and Virgo. As a talisman, the stone will help his master work. It will attract the sympathy of the authorities, the goodwill and trust of colleagues, business partners. Most Stone loves to patronize creative people: artists, writers, designers, fashion designers, actors, literary critic.